Fishing Report – August 15, 2019

Weather is expected to start off in the low 80’s and reach low 90’s by the end of the weekend.
Bass Fishing has started to pick back up with anglers catching largemouth bass during the early morning. Try throwing an Evergreen SB-105 topwater bait to capitalize on the early morning feeding. Later in the day anglers are catching bass on lures like the Lake & River 3.5” Tube by Fred Schubert and 3” Ned Worm by Roboworm.
Anglers are finding good numbers of perch in 45 to 50 feet of water using a mixture of Minnows and Sabiki Rigs spiked with wax worms. Anglers have reported that the depth at which they are catching the majority of their fish does fluctuate 10 to 20 feet.
Salmon fishing has slowed down; however, fish are being caught suspended 50 to 100 feet down in 175 feet of water on Michigan Stinger Spoons by Advance Tackle and Meat Head Cut Bait Rig by Dreamweaver.
Bluegill fishing is consistent with anglers catching fish on Bo’s Bluegill Busters.
Catfish are being caught at night using a mixture of worms and small bluegills.