D&R Sports Center's Hunting Department

The Best Hunting Store in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Looking for good hunting stores in Michigan? D&R Sports Center's Hunting Department is the place to be. We feature a well-stocked inventory, with products ranging from basic to advanced. Hear's an overview of what we have in store:

Hide in Plain Sight

In nature, hiding in plain sight is critical for survival of both predator and prey. D&R Sports Center offers an array of camouflage gear for every hunter. Every piece of equipment we have is designed by the manufacturer to achieve maximum durability, comfort, and concealment. We carry many of the industries' most renowned brands.

The Tools of the Trade

Whether you're using a bow or firearm, we have accessories that can make your equipment more efficient. Our selection of accessories are carefully chosen based on the demands of today's outdoor enthusiasts.

Want to mislead the game you are pursuing? We have a full line of decoys, scents, game calls, and scent control products designed to guarantee your next time in the field is a successful one.

When you are preparing for your next trip, come visit our Hunting Department. You will find all the apparel and equipment you need.

Stop by and visit our Hunting Department. We offer the largest selection of hunting accessories in the area and can help you get those out-of-stock or hard-to-find items. At D&R Sports Center, we stock the latest treestands, ground blinds, calls, decoys, targets, camo clothing, footwear, scents and scent blockers, rain gear and much more. From big game to small game, predators to prey, D&R Sports Center's Hunting Department has what you need to make your next trip afield a comfortable and successful one.

D&R Sports Center's Gun Department

Quality Gun Essentials and Accessories

Our Gun Department carries a full line of new and used guns in all the best brands. Visit our store and check out over 600 guns currently in stock. Whether it's shotguns, rifles, muzzleloaders or handguns, our Gun Department has the right firearm for you.

You can also pick up ammunition as well. From small game to waterfowl, handguns to rifles, we have the ammo to fit your needs. We stock a wide range of optics as well, including gun scopes, spotting scopes, thermal optics, binoculars and rangefinders.

We carry a variety of gun accessories such as holsters, slings, cases, eye and ear protection and cleaning supplies.

D&R Sports Center's Archery Department

Archery Department - Essentials and Accessories

Whether you are here to purchase your first bow for yourself, your kids, or a loved one, or you are an experienced shooter or hunter, our Archery Department has everything you need. From target shooting to hunting, our staff focuses on helping you be successful. We offer a large selection of bows, sights, rests, arrows, quivers, broad heads, and other accessories to complete your archery package. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you with set-up and performance tuning to make sure your new bow works safely and efficiently.

Not ready to upgrade to a new bow? Our highly trained Archery Technicians can optimize your current bow by performing a complete bow inspection and tune-up.

Check out our large selection of crossbows on display. Our technicians can answer any questions you may have, and help get you set up with all the gear and accessories you need. Test fire your favorites in-store to help you decide which one is right for you.