Area Fishing Report – July 5, 2017

Written By:  D&R Sports Center July 5, 2017 at 6:31 pm

What a difference a week can make. We transgressed from the best fishing of the season to a very slow lull. Sustained high winds mixed with unseasonably cool nights not only put fish in a bad mood, but fishermen were hard to find as well. There were only two boats on Portage Lake last Saturday afternoon. I didn’t see any boats on West Lake, Sugarloaf Lake, or Gourdneck Lake all through last week.

Most of my fishing buddies didn’t have much to report. The best news came from Don Oman who trolled Long Lake on Wednesday. In spite of the wind, he managed to boat 6 Crappies, 5 pike, and 1 bass while trolling a Rapala ULS-4. There haven’t been many reports from Lake Michigan due to rough water. Russ Clark is still doing well out of St. Joe in 180 – 210 feet, weather permitting.

I’ve gotten some good reports from the Battle Creek Steelheaders that have been walleye fishing on Lake Erie and the Saginaw Bay. The west winds have permitted many anglers to fish near shore on the east side of the state. Bob Braley sent me a picture of a nice cooler full of perch the other day.

Bluegills are still in shallow and some are still on the beds. Jim and Don Johnson did manage 15 gills and 1 Crappie Pleasant Lake on Thursday morning. Friday evening my wife Linda caught a nice 6 lb. pike while trolling from pontoon.

The weather is still warming and the water temp was back up to 74 degrees this morning. Get out when you can, be safe, and good fishing.



Linda’s Early Summer Pike.